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Anamax Financial Services Ltd, founded in 1996, is a specialist service provider, licensed as a Management Company and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC). Anamax provides a range of services for all types of global businesses including company formation and management, corporate and governance services, tax and accounting services and wealth management.

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Global Business

Global Business Company

A Global Business Company can be set up to carry out any legal global business activities or any financial business activities approved by the Mauritius regulatory body, the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

Protected Cell Company

A single legal entity that operates segregated accounts, or cells, each of which is legally protected from the liabilities of the company's other accounts. There is no limitation to the number of cells a PCC can create.


A relationship created at the direction of an individual, in which one or more persons hold the individual’s property or legal rights subject to certain duties to use and protect it for the benefit of others.


A legal entity with hybrid features of a company and a trust. A foundation benefits from the administrative flexibility of a company. A foundation may be set up by a charter or will, which specifies its beneficiaries, purposes and objects.

Collective Investment Scheme (CIS)

A scheme or arrangement offered by an entity under which the contributions, or payments made by the investors, are pooled and utilized with a view to receive profits, income, produce or property, and is managed on behalf of the investors.

Limited Partnership (LP)

A vehicle designed to bring flexibility in the corporate sphere. LPs having a legal personality are legal persons distinct from their members. LPs can enter into contracts, own property, sue and be sued in their own names, making them much more flexible than a company structure.


Why Mauritius?

Mauritius is ideally positioned in the Indian Ocean with a strategic time zone (GMT +4). We have a stable government and a legitimate business environment with an emphasis on good governance and rule of law. Mauritius offers an educated multilingual and experienced professional labour force.

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